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Our Concept

Wakashio Distillery was established in 1968 as the cooperative partnership of 5 local distilleries.
As a shochu maker in Shibushi, we hope to be a company that stays connected to the local community while making the most of the unique individuality of our staff and continuing to explore the possibilities of shochu as the times change.

Community connection

Since our founding, we have been proud to produce the local “everyday drink” of Shibushi and the surrounding areas. We feel it is our responsibility to meet the peoples’ needs, and in order to help make their everyday lives better, we always aim to create an even better drink year after year. We believe that this dedication is the key to producing the ultimate everyday spirit.

Painting the future of shochu

At Wakashio Distillery, we are working hard on product development. We hope to paint the future of shochu by using the koji-making and shochu production know-how that we have cultivated over the years as a base, and actively incorporating ideas from various fields, such as production methods of other international spirits or different perceptions of flavor and aroma.


Continuing to produce the ultimate everyday spirit since our founding, while also challenging the possibilities of shochu by drawing out the characteristics of the ingredients

At Shisangura we produce several lines of shochu, including our most well-known brand, Satsuma Wakashio. We make full use of the large-scale equipment, which is capable of processing 20-30 tons of sweet potatoes a day, to continue to make high-quality shochu which has regularly been awarded top prizes at industry blind tasting competitions. Our facilities also allow us to draw out the characteristics of different sweet potato varieties, koji, and yeasts, which results in shochu with unique fragrances that change year to year in our GLOW series.

Shisangura main products

Satsuma Wakashio series, GLOW series


Inherited techniques of traditionally crafted shochu using a wooden pot still, while seeking out new endeavors

At Sengoku-gura we produce shochu using a wooden pot still, including our flagship Sengamejo series. The scale of production for one batch is 1/30th that of Shisangura. Since 2003, our concept has been to mark the passage of time as we produce our shochu. We also make 424GIN, the world’s only craft gin made in a wooden pot still, here at Sengoku-gura. We will continue to use our traditional techniques while seeking out new endeavors.

Wooden pot stills handmade by the only craftsman in Japan

Unique to Japan, the wooden pot still was mainly used during the late Edo period into the Taisho period (c. 1850~1930). The only active master craftsman remaining, Mr. Yasuro Tsurudome, uses boards from cedar trees that are over 80 years old. Each board is hand-carved and held in place using only bamboo strips, without the use of any nails. Spirits produced using a wooden pot still have a faint cedar aroma and a deep flavor with sweetness and umami.

Sengoku-gura main products

Sengamejo series, 424GIN series