Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.


Tradition meets the new wave

Shochu, Japan’s national distilled liquor, has a history dating back over 500 years.In Kagoshima and the rest of southern Japan, it has developed into the daily drink of the people.Carrying on traditions while painting the picture of how shochu will evolve in the future: we believe that both are the mission of a shochu distillery, and we strive to be a company that continues to explore the possibilities of shochu.

Our Concept

From Shibushi to the world

Shibushi City is located along the eastern border of Kagoshima Prefecture and developed as a port town with thriving trade since long ago. Since our company’s founding, we have been producing the “everyday drink” of the local community, and we aim to continue to refine the techniques and culture of shochu in order to share it from Shibushi to the world.

Company Profile

From Shibushi to the world|Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.