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Wakashio Distillery was established in 1968 as the cooperative partnerhsip of 5 local distilleries, and we began our 55th year in August 2022. Although the COVID situation continues, I hope to make this year one in which we will continue to accelerate the momentum of what we have challenged ourselves with so far.

With our company theme of “diversity,” we strive to make the most of our unique personalities and strengthen our framework for producing high-quality and appealing spirits. We also hope to develop new shochu and shochu-based spirits as part of our concept of “world-class spirits” that we can enter into international spirits competitions to help promote shochu to overseas markets. We also want to contribute to our region’s revitalization by working with local producers to incorporate sustainable development goals into our product development.

We will continue to do our best to make spirits that everyone considers delicious and interesting, and we thank you for your continued support.

August 1, 2022
Wakashio Distillery
Masahiko Kamimura

Wakashio Distillery|President, Masahiko Kamimura

Company Overview

Name Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd. (Wakashio Distillery)
Address 215 Anraku Shibushi, Shubushi-City, Kagoshima, Japan 〒899-7104(Map
President Masahiko Kamimura
Established August 1968
Business activities Manufacture and sales of single-distilled shochu, spirits, liqueurs
Capital 48,000,000 yen
Employees 35
Land area 23,420㎡


1968 Wakashio Shuzo Kyogyo Kumiai was established as a cooperative partnership by Uchida Shuzo, Sageto Shuzo, Tojo Shuzo, Inatsuke Jyozo, and Kamimura Jyozo.
Began production of Satsuma Wakashio at the current Shisangura distillery. The name “Wakashio” was chosen from public submissions.
1979 Awarded the top prize from the Kagoshima Prefecture Honkaku Shochu Competition for the first time.
1989 Released Sengamejo, a revival of traditional wooden pot still and kame pot production methods.
2003 Sengoku-gura distillery, where we craft hand-made shochu, was completed.
2005 Sengoku-gura Storage Tunnel for maturing long-aged shochu was completed.
The distillery shop was built.
2008 Wakashio Shuzo Kyogyo Kumiai was incorporated as Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.
2009 Awarded the top prize from both the Kagoshima Prefecture Honkaku Shochu Competition and the South Kyushu Sake and Shochu Awards (Kumamoto Regional Taxation Bureau).
2017 Satsuma Wakashio rebranded as Satsuma Shiro Wakashio in commemoration of the company’s 50th anniversary.
Created the GLOW brand, through which we challenge the possibilities of shochu.
2019 Spirits production license approved, released our wooden pot still Japanese spirit 424GIN.
2020 Began production of high-proof alcohol in response to the shortage of disinfectant alcohol due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
2021 Sengamejo Murasaki awarded gold medal at IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competiton).
Released f spirits, a new line of aromatic spirits to help reduce regional food loss and incorporate SDGs.
2022 GLOW EP05 awarded grand prize of the imo shochu division, 1st “Sakaya ga erabu Shochu Taisho” Awards (chosen by liquor stores across Japan).

Company History

In August 1968, Wakashio Shuzo Kyogyo Kumiai was established as a cooperative partnership by 5 local distilleries in Shibushi City and Osaki Town. We aimed to produce superior shochu by bringing together each distillery’s techniques and by ensuring consistency in everything from production to sales. The five brands that had been made by each distillery were unified and rebranded as Satsuma Wakashio, chosen from submissions by the public. The company was incorporated as Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd., in 2008, but it is still operated by the teamwork of the succeeding generations of the original distillery owners along with locals.

  • Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Inatsuki Jyozo

  • Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Uchida Shuzo

  • Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Kamimura Jyozo

  • Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Sageto Shuzo

  • Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.

    Tojyo Shuzo

From Shibushi to the world

Shibushi City is located along the eastern border of Kagoshima Prefecture and developed as a port town with thriving trade since long ago. Since our company’s founding, we have been producing the “everyday drink” of the local community, and we aim to continue to refine the techniques and culture of shochu in order to share it from Shibushi to the world.

From Shibushi to the world|Wakashio Shuzo Co., Ltd.